How digital solutions can enhance member engagement and improve operational efficiency for Livery Companies

When: Tuesday 27th July

Time: 12-12:45pm  

Where: Online Zoom focus group [register now]

Session Format: 15-minute interview with Patrick Chapman, Past Master at the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants (WCoMC), a chance for Q&A and then a 15-20 minute open forum

Who should attend: Employees/Volunteers within Livery Companies responsible for digital strategy, engagement or marketing, membership, event management, donor program managers, fundraising managers and volunteer coordinators.


Session Overview

Our resident CIVI CRM expert Hitesh Sharma of Millertech will outline the current key challenges that Livery companies are likely to be experiencing, which will include:


  • Data duplication and integrity issues
  • How data compliance under GDPR is effectively managed
  • Legacy systems


Hitesh will then be joined by Patrick Chapman, the Past Master at the WCoMC. Hitesh and Patrick will talk about the WCoMC's digital journey, what they wanted to achieve, how they did it, the challenges that they had to overcome and their future plans.

Hitesh will then lead the focus group in a discussion about challenges other organisations are facing, how these can potentially be resolved and what impact the future economic situation will have on livery companies.  This part of the session will facilitate interaction with an opportunity to talk to peers, check where you are on your digital journey and gain or offer insights to other Worshipful Companies

Those attending will be in an exclusive focus group environment, where ‘Chatham House Rules’ apply. They will get a chance to discuss with groups in their own industry and will be able to talk openly and honestly with a view to being able to find key takeaways that can be implemented within their own organisation.

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27th July 2021: 12-12:45pm