Membership Excellence 2021

7th October / Novotel, West London

We attended our first MemberWise Membership Excellence ‘reunion’ conference in 18 months in October. We were excited to meet new and old faces, including some of our partners, Protech, APT, NetXtra and Clear Debit

We spent the day learning and engaging with both exhibitors and delegates. We discussed topics such as key membership challenges and how Millertech can help membership organisations overcome some of these challenges. Other key topic areas discussed on the day included:

  • Member growth
  • Relationships with members
  • Member acquisition
  • Member engagement

We met with delegates and walked them through our system, as well as discussing the ways in which Millertech can provide value real value to a membership organisation and most importantly, their audience. It was interesting to see where organisations were, on their own digital journeys. It's clear a lot of change and progress has been made, or maybe even forced, by the pandemic and WFH situation. We were on hand to guide anyone who perhaps is not quite where they want to be, and how to start thinking about digital transformation.

It was great to get back to face-to-face events and the Memx conference was the perfect setting to meet a whole range of membership organisations. As a proud supporter of the Memberwise network, we were pleased to see the event was well attended and generated plenty of interesting discussion points around the similar challenges many member-led organisations have faced during the past 20 months.” – Hitesh Sharma, Business Development.

At our stand, we also had a fun game of Plinko for attendees to play for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher!

It was a great event where we were able catch up with membership professionals, make new connections and share knowledge.