MillerTech sponsor Chase25

MillerTech sponsor Chase25

June 2018

What is Chase25

Chase25 is an event organised by Hart Square and will be the most innovative event of the year for charities, associations and for the not-for-profit sector. Due to the constantly evolving NFP sector the industry leaders must follow efficient protocols to re-evaluate how they communicate with their customers, stakeholders and general public. Chase25 will be the arena where industry experts and leaders in non-profit sector take part and share their long gained knowledge, experience and best practices with a targeted audience. (Find more about Chase25)

When and where

Chase25 will take place on 05th July 2018 from 09:00 to 19:00 BST at The Brewery, EC1Y 4SD, London. (Click here for the location)


Chase25 will highlight and talk through following key elements 

  • Digital - Looking at the risks, challenges and rewards of digital technology. Talking through various different digital strategies and talking about the importance of making digital lifecycle an essential part of your long term business strategy. MillerTech's Projects Director will be explaining about "Why Your CRM is an Integral Part of Your Digital Strategy".
  • Leadership - Explore how senior leaders can inspire and pioneer change, stand out from the crowd while ensuring staff, trustees, stakeholders and the public come along for the journey.
  • Innovation - This will talk about challenges NFP sector faces when it comes to adopting new methods and new processes. After addressing challenges this theme we will look at taking risks, experimenting, driving change and moving away from ‘what we’ve always done’, in order to embrace new audiences.
  • Culture - Transformation is a cultural shift your employees must be engaged and involved with. This theme will explore how to embed those new strategies, measure success and get the very best from your staff.

MillerTech talk Digital

We are proud to announce that our Projects Director Sharon Hayden, is conducting a talk about "Why your CRM is an integral part of your Digital Strategy" between 11:15 - 11:35 BST. 

Sharon is the Projects Director at MillerTech and is responsible for managing and driving forward project implementation and change management as well as leading on business analysis and development with MillerTech’s clients. Sharon has worked with MillerTech for over 11 years, 7 of those years as a client, and for the past 4 years as a member of the MillerTech team. With over 20 years’ experience delivering projects to member led organisations, Sharon has a wealth of expertise when it comes to development, implementation and change management deliverables – this, coupled with MillerTech’s 33 years of exclusive experience in the NFP sector makes for a formidable team.

Sharon will explain how to leverage the data in your CRM to personalise your engagement with members, contacts, donors and volunteers. This session will also explore how to make use of mobile and cloud technology to empower your staff/volunteers who are ‘out in the field’ to increase recruitment, donations and awareness.



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The charities and associations event, chase 25, will strive to provide senior leaders with the tools to take them successfully through their transformational journey.

05th July 2018 | 09:00 - 19:00 BST

The Brewery, EC1Y 4SD, London.

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Sharon Hayden Projects Director - MillerTech

At Chase25, Sharon will be talking about "Why your CRM is an integral part of your digital strategy", between 11:15 - 11:35 BST.

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