MillerTech launches low cost, low risk solution

MillerTech launches low cost, low risk solution for donor/member management

MillerTech has used its 30 years experience of the not-for-profit sector to put together a low cost “out of the box” answer for charities and membership organisations to manage their donor/member relationships.

MillerTech has long seen the need for a straightforward to use and low cost electronic Contact Relationship Management system (eCRM). With our broad experience of the not-for-profit sector we are very aware that for smaller organisations the choice of viable solutions has been very limited.

We are very pleased to announce our on going support for CiviCRM, the world’s first ‘open source’, widely used eCRM, as well as the launch of its CiviPACK service-products to complement it. CiviPACK gives clients a low risk implementation or assistance service at a predictable cost.

CiviCRM is a well proven and cost effective product. Using it together with CiviPACK, based upon mtl’s extensive experience in implementing and supporting eCRM solutions for not-for-profit organisations, we believe offers today’s leading low risk, low cost and straightforward answer to the needs of smaller organisations.