Merlin Offline Solution

NEW - Merlin CRM Offline Access
With the increased requirements for better member engagement and the need to maximize remote users chances to access and update your CRM at any time, whether or not an internet connection is present, we have now launched Offline access to Merlin CRM. Any changes made while offline are instantly updated to the Merlin database once internet connection is again established.
Our smart technology ensures:
•    Your data is always safe and 100% protected
•    Your data is accessible from any device, anywhere and anytime
•    No Overwriting

Merlin CRM synchronisation between your device and the main database is amazingly fast. User can easily switch between Offline and Online mode and can access their data without limitations.

Data security is taken very seriously at MillerTech. You can expect secure communications between your Offline data and the Merlin database, where we user superior data encryption policies for your data, while offering a fast upload/download speed.


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