For 38 years, our CRM software has simplified administration and improved member engagement for trade unions and non-profits

Millertech builds software to solve membership for trade unions, professional bodies and non-profits.

Since 1984, we have helped more than 150 organisations to manage complex operations, streamline manual processes and provide a great experience for their members.

Our clients range from friendly societies operated by a single office team to national associations servicing millions of members.

At a glance

  • 38 years as membership specialists
  • 6 million users worldwide
  • Enterprise and open-source CRM solutions
  • Class-leading support

Trade Unions

Enterprise software to manage the complex requirements of any modern trade union movement

Professional Bodies

Intuitive software to streamline membership processes and drive member engagement


Simplified management of contacts and communication to improve fundraising and engagement

Define, measure and solve

Our new eBook is filled with actionable advice to help trade unions and non-profits define, measure and solve member engagement.

Kickstart your digital transformation


Drive engagement with your members

Driving and measuring member engagement is crucial for organisational improvement and growth. Our intuitive, web-based solution enables member self-service, integrates complementary services and provides a 360º view of membership analytics.

Enhance your audience’s experience

Millertech software allows organisations to offer a truly personalised online experience to members by providing relevant products, services and content. This ensures that members always receive the best value from their membership.


Improve operational efficiency

Data entry is time consuming and maintaining accuracy requires staff members’ constant attention. Millertech helps automate these processes and integrate the key systems to position your CRM solution as the central hub of data.

Embedded payments

Accept card payments wherever, whenever with ClearAccept’s scalable, multi-channel card payment solutions that are built from the ground up for Millertech. Manage all of your transactions from the software that you already trust to run your organisation.

Our track record as a CRM specialist

Years experience38
Members served6m
Systems uptime99%
Support guarantee7yrs

Updates and insights

A checklist to drive member value

A checklist to drive member value

For professional bodies, trade unions and non-profits, member value is the currency that underpins member engagement, retention, acquisition and experience as key goals. Going the extra mile to provide this…
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