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An affordable open-source solution

Millertech’s dual solution approach includes an affordable CRM based upon the well-established CiviCRM solution. As a stand-alone system or as part of an integrated website build, this is designed specifically to meet the needs of non-profit organisations, charities and advocacy organisations.

When developing upon this open-source, low-risk platform, Millertech applies the same digital agency expertise and rigorous attention to detail as their bespoke systems. It provides a fully integrated and web-enabled solution to meet the most complex demands faced by non-profit organisations.

These challenges include streamlining the administration of contacts, members and donations; supporting fundraising campaigns and events; and delivering an insightful reporting and analytics dashboard to inform future strategy.

At a glance

  • Complete CRM and integrated websites for non-profits
  • Manage your members efficiently
  • Simplified subscriptions and communication
  • Streamlined donations and fundraising

Solving members for non-profits

Millertech’s websites, apps and CRM software for non-profits provide all the features needed to efficiently operate a charity or advocacy organisation. Additionally, the affordable open-source foundation allows these organisations to demonstrate excellent value to stakeholders and donors without sacrificing operational effectiveness.

CRM software

Enterprise software to manage modern trade unions by streamlining events, fundraising, communication and engagement tasks


Websites and portals

Design and build of websites and portals specifically designed for the challenges of membership organisations

app design

App design

Membership apps to provide a personalised member experience, enhanced engagement and digital solutions on the move


Manages the organisation’s membership program, integrating with other features such as sign-up and subscription

Contact Management

Allows organizations to automatically store all data for each contact in one place, creating a unified, holistic record for each constituent


Process and track contributions, send gift acknowledgements and report on your data in an elegant and intuitive workflow process

Case management

Allows organisations to create, manage and track sophisticated case management workflows and interactions with clients or constituents

Event administration

Provides a full set of tools for running events and recording a constituent’s attendance in their activity record

Email Marketing

Makes it easy to create and manage bulk email lists including segmentation, A/B testing and analytics


Ships with over 40 standard reports that can be applied or configured to help evaluate organisational impact


Simplifies administration, supports peer-to-peer fundraising and empowers donors to raise funds on the organisation’s behalf

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“Non-profits demand excellent operational efficiency combined with a powerful communication and transaction toolset. Achieving this affordably is always a challenge for non-specialists.”

Sharon Hayden
Senior product manager