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Websites and portals for membership

Millertech’s awarding winning team has unparalleled experience in developing intuitive websites and portals specifically designed for the membership sector. Using our four decades of trade union, professional body and non-profit experience, we integrate these sites perfectly with our CRM software solutions.

This allows us to create a robust solution that succeeds in streamlining administrative workloads whilst simultaneously driving a personalised experience for members. And when client teams manage content, they find our websites to be intuitive and easily customisable.

To achieve this we use Engage, our flexible CMS platform. It allows organisations to manage content across websites, is easily customisable and is continually developed by our awarding winning in-house team of membership experts.

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Digital membership experts

From strategy to delivery, our focus is on achieving maximum audience engagement using the most appropriate digital tools for your organisation. Providing a seamless experience for members is imperative to organisation success.

Our ClearCourse team has built more than 150 member websites and have over two decades of experience of designing self-service user journeys that are integral to driving membership revenue.

Supporting your digital strategy is what we do best.

Digital solutions range

Millertech’s website design and development expertise provides real value to organisations and their members. We help to maximise engagement with a personalised approach and drive exceptional membership experiences. This in turn attracts and retains members, enabling the organisation to grow revenue and achieve more.


Membership websites

Websites that increase engagement for membership organisations

Members portals

Online portals to personalise the user experience for members

Online communities

Forums and community tools to promote member communication

Marketing engagement

Digital tools to market and communicate more effectively

Special interest groups

Sites, portals and tools to serve specific membership groups

Interactive events

Provision of webinars, polls, surveys and other interactive events

Online learning

Resources to deliver online education and professional development courses


Simplified administration for sales, promotion and secure transactions

Past Master Patrick RR Chapman, WCoMC:

Millertech’s 30+ years’ experience in the NFP Sector and proven track record in working with Livery Companies gave us confidence that the project would be completed successfully with little risk of interruption to services.”

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