The Millertech advantage

Millertech is one of the world’s leading providers of membership software, products and digital services to the non-profit sector. We achieved and maintain this position by thinking differently about how to solve membership for our clients.

We are membership specialists.

This means that our experts work with you to understand and solve your unique membership challenges. Our products and services are targeted specifically at simplifying your membership processes. This has allowed us to build a 38 year track record of exemplary client satisfaction. During this time, we have helped more than 150 not-for-profit organisations ranging from local societies to international associations with millions of members.

At a glance

  • 360º view of members
  • Optimised engagement
  • Complimentary integrated digital solutions
  • Embedded payments
  • Digital transformation specialists

A complete digital transformation experience

Combining our CRM and data solutions with our digital agency expertise allows clients to commission a single, flexible team to scope, build and deliver a system that really works. We are integration experts too. Our multi-skilled team make the most complex integrations simple and have all the experience needed to adeptly connect your applications to our class-leading CRM.

Millertech also takes in-house responsibility for all our upgrades, services and R&D. This means that rather than selling somebody else’s product, we deliver cost-effective solutions that are specifically developed for your requirements.

Prioritising member engagement

Engagement is the core element of success for our clients. Our products and services drive engagement throughout the member lifecycle and each is rooted in our four decades of specialist expertise. They deliver all the tools needed to easily create personalised user journeys, optimise interaction and maximise value for your existing and prospective members.

CRM software

Bespoke and off-the-shelf software to solve membership



Flexible, award-winning websites and portals specifically for membership organisations

app design

App design

Providing digital solutions on the move to drive engagement with your audience

Digital transformation

Enhancing experience and optimising data to drive member value

Software integration

Seamless application integration to reduce manual process

clear accept


Embedded payment solutions with unlimited scalability

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More than 150 respected organisations have called on us over the past 38 years

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