About Millertech

A 38-year track record of service

For almost four decades, Millertech has been building CRM software that solves membership for trade unions, professional bodies and non-profits. During this time, we have helped more than 150 not-for-profit organisations to manage complex operations, streamline manual processing and continually improve the value they provide to their members. We also provide a range of digital services including the design and development of websites, portals and apps. Our clients range from friendly societies operated by a single office team to international associations servicing millions of members.

Millertech focuses on building lasting client relationships via relentless innovation, exceptional service and class-leading support. We have an experienced team of 60 people at our UK headquarters and can draw upon a network of outstanding complementary technology partners from within the ClearCourse group.

Our flexible product strategy provides both open-source and enterprise solutions for all sizes of projects. Features extend from basic membership management and communication to the most challenging functions of election balloting, subscription processing and CPD administration. More organisations rely on Millertech to solve the challenges of membership every year, and we’re proud to be able to help support the contribution they make to the world.

Our guiding principals

At Millertech, we have a distinct definition for how we choose to conduct business today. These principals also define our ultimate destination as an organisation.

Working better together as part of ClearCourse, we are also aligned to a common set of values that also help us navigate our day-to-day activity.



To innovate and solve the challenges of membership management for trade unions, professional bodies and non-profits



To maximise the value of membership

Our history


Millertech founded with membership system launch for the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators


Millertech becomes authorised Oracle partner which enables the development of online membership


Millertech grows to 50 membership specialist staff and acquires new HQ


Development of project Merlin – Specialist web based platform for NFP organisations begins


First iteration of the Merlin membership management system rolled out to large trade union


Millertech Acquired by ClearCourse LLP to join the ClearCourse Membership Solutions (CCMS) division