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Professional bodies depend upon subscriptions to make a positive change in their sector. Therefore attracting and retaining members is a primary objective. Excelling against this continually moving target requires these organisations to offer a tangibly improved experience in every area where they and their members interact.

Millertech’s specialist CRM software collects vital data, provides insightful analytics and streamlines operations so that back-office employees can concentrate on value-added tasks for members. It supports the personalisation and optimised user journeys that can make public-facing websites intuitive and rewarding to use. Millertech also powers personalised, timely and specifically focused communication tools to engage and attract members.

At a glance

  • Specialist CRM for professional bodies
  • Facilitate subscriptions and communications
  • Manage CPD and event lifecycle
  • Analyse key information

Product features

Millertech provides all the features that modern software for professional bodies need to operate efficiently and maximise the value they provide to their members. Our software and support services allow these organisations to quickly modernise or streamline their operations while increasing their opportunities to improve member benefits.

Member service

Administer and facilitate the self-service of membership contact data to analyse the engagement levels of individual members


Manage multiple-level member subscriptions through a variety of payment methods to ensure a seamless experience for members

Event management

Plan, manage and analyse the success of seminars, events and larger conferences with minimal manual administration

CPD management

Access all the tools needed to organise and run examinations, seminars and training courses in the most efficient way

Member comms

Manage communication via branded e-mail marketing tools to drive member acquisition and retention while tracking engagement


Create intelligent reports using smart analytics to provide strategic insight on membership trends, upcoming challenges and opportunities

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