Our partners

A suite of integrated solutions

Millertech is part of ClearCourse,  a unique group of companies dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions that help organisations become more efficient, effective and profitable. These brands are leaders in their sectors and many of them can work with Millertech to provide integrated systems that allow you to concentrate on growing and scaling your business while we take care of the rest.

Together we help to manage your business and engage with members and customers around the world. Investigate some of our partners below or learn more about ClearCourse.

ClearAccept: Payment solutions simplified

Payments are complicated – and for software platforms, it’s even more challenging. Two solutions bolted together, reconciliation headaches, multiple suppliers and fees add to the burden. And not to mention support gaps and differing road maps.

Let’s be more joined-up. ClearAccept’s platform is designed exclusively for software, with security taken care of, UX as it was intended, and a single source of all data. Make the most of end-to-end support and budget confidently with one contract and one price.


ClearConnect: Membership admin support

With membership comes admin. There’s paperwork to complete, emails to send, data to enter, and phone calls to make. ClearConnect can handle the CRM admin work and associated tasks while clients focus their time on what matters most: serving members.

ClearConnect’s UK-based team are membership experts and will become an integrated part of the client team, working directly within its membership management solution. From critical subscription processing to data cleansing and updating member records, ClearConnect are here to help.


ClearDebit: Direct debit services

ClearDebit is a specialist in providing Direct Debit solutions and advisory services. It provides a clear, simple and trusted insight into Bacs and the world of Direct Debits and is a Bacs Approved Bureau, Bacs Approved software provider, Bacs Accredited Training provider and an independent Bacs Consultancy.

ClearDebit has developed its expertise working with Bacs, banks & software and CRM suppliers and is proud to have helped hundreds of service users get the most from the Direct Debit Scheme.


NetXtra: Website and digital design

NetXtra collaborate to deliver strategic and innovative digital solutions that empower organisations to effectively engage with their audience online.

Throughout the course of more than two decades in business they have built their reputation as a leading provider of intuitive websites, complex integration projects and business intelligence solutions. Their consistently successful online solutions help to streamline processes and deliver on client’s goals and objectives time after time.


Fetchify: Address lookup and data validation

Fetchify is the industry leader in address lookup and data validation. They partner with only the best, gold-standard data providers worldwide to deliver up-to-date and accurate postal address, phone number, and email address data for over 240 countries.

There is more to customer data than initial capture. Fetchify’s data cleansing service enables businesses to take control of the CRM database, ensuring all customer records are accurate, validated, and complete. As much as 30% of CRM data decays per year. Therefore, validating customer data is vital in migrating to a new platform.

Fetchify’s batch data cleansing service checks an entire database, flagging incomplete or invalid records and providing the next closest alternatives for postal addresses.


Cymba: Innovative mobile payments and messaging solutions for charities and brands

For almost two decades, the team at Cymba’s been a trusted partner to some of the country’s biggest and best-loved charities, creating strategies and campaigns to help increase donations and retain donors. At the heart of what we do is SMS promotions and donations, which integrate with print, digital and TV campaigns to easily connect potential supporters with charities.

Our work isn’t just confined to the charity sector, however. We partner with some of the biggest brands around to help them engage with customers and improve their campaign return on investment. Every month, we process more than 150,000 Premium SMS (PSMS) donations, and in total, we’ve processed more than £65m in donations.


Circdata: Connected event technology

Circdata is the go-to event technology supplier for many of the world’s leading exhibition and conference organisers. Its award-winning event registration services are engaged on-site at numerous exhibition venues worldwide.

Its technology platform Fusion offers a suite of dynamically linked applications to manage event registration, together with a range of audience engagement tools:

  • Mobile event apps for visitors and exhibitors
  • Session tracking and access control technologies
  • Smart badging and content collection
  • Lead generation tools for exhibitors
  • Meeting brokerage between visitors and exhibitors

All Fusion applications create richer engagement and deliver deep insight from corporate events to conferences and trade shows.