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Managing customer relationships

The CRM system is at the heart of any membership organisation. Traditionally, its function was as a sales tool, recording all the details for each customer and acting as a digital Rolodex. As technology progressed, systems began to include basic information on previous interactions such as when customers were last contacted and what they had previously purchased. By this point, CRMs were operating with a shared database allowing every employee the same insight into each customer.

Today CRMs do much more than this. They essentially connect all the internal departments, organising the combined information and adding task management, metrics and dashboards. CRMs such as Millertech’s, that are designed specifically for membership organisations, are even more capable.

Managing customer relationships

Millertech’s CRM solutions are designed specifically for membership organisations. They connect internal departments, organise information, personalise user journeys, add value for members and provide task management, metrics and dashboards to streamline operations.

For trade unions and professional bodies, our fully-integrated Merlin CRM adds addition levels of customisable functionality such as subscriptions, ballots, professional development and case management. For less complex requirements, Millertech’s open source CRM solution allows non-profits to manage events, fundraising, communication and a multitude of other tasks that were previously done manually.

Both systems are based upon Millertech’s four decades of specialist expertise and can be built into full-featured websites and apps to streamline operations and optimise member engagement. Supporting your digital strategy is what we do best.


CRM features and benefits

Combining Millertech’s software and digital agency expertise gives trade unions all of the functionality they need. It provides a comprehensive CRM solution with the core database of people, organisations and relationships that enable unions to know your members better. They are also able to communicate with members more effectively, offer a greater range of services and increase their operating income.

Member service

Administer and facilitate the self-service of membership contact data to ensure reliable balloting mechanisms and accurate respect of contact consents


Websites and portals

Design and build of websites and portals specifically designed for the challenges of membership organisations

app design

App design

Membership apps to provide a personalised member experience, enhanced engagement and digital solutions on the move


Facilitate the efficient, transparent and secure management of nominations and elections at all levels


Manage multiple level member subscriptions through a variety of payment methods to ensure a seamless experience for members

Contact Management

Allows organizations to automatically store all data for each contact in one place, creating a unified, holistic record for each constituent


Process and track contributions, send gift acknowledgements and report on your data in an elegant and intuitive workflow process

Events management

Plan, manage and analyse the success of seminars, events and larger conferences with minimal manual administration

CPD management

Access all the tools needed to organise and run examinations, seminars and training courses in the most efficient way

Member comms

Manage communication via branded e-mail marketing tools to drive member acquisition and retention while tracking engagement

Case management

Manage and track simple or sophisticated workflows to optimise every interaction with members or third parties

Email Marketing

Makes it easy to create and manage bulk email lists including segmentation, A/B testing and analytics


Simplifies administration, supports peer-to-peer fundraising and empowers donors to raise funds on the organisation’s behalf


Create intelligent reports using smart analytics to provide strategic insight on membership trends, upcoming challenges and opportunities

Enquiry management

Includes a call centre module to help telephone agents process more calls and improve the service they offer to members

Pete Waters, National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers

Millertech provided us with a system configured to meet our exact business needs. I would recommend them for a very successful implementation process. Overall we could not ask for better people to work with.”

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