Website health check

Optimise your website’s impact on your members

We create digital websites, portals and apps for some of the most prestigious membership focused organisations. Using this experience, we offer a free website health check that scores key metrics such as:

  • Accessibility and compliance: Does your website meet the required rules or are you losing traffic?
  • Speed: Do your pages load seamlessly or are you providing a poor experience for members and losing conversions?
  • SEO performance: Are you using the most relevant keywords for your target audience or are you missing out on visitors?
  • Mobile responsiveness: Is your website fully optimised for mobile use or are you losing even more conversions and engagement? 

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Past Master Patrick RR Chapman, WCoMC

Millertech’s 30+ years’ experience in the NFP Sector and proven track record in working with Livery Companies gave us confidence that the project would be completed successfully with little risk of interruption to services.”