Member Retention: The Timeline Approach


Member Retention: The Timeline Approach

The Timeline Approach introduces the concept of a timeline upon which we might add key points throughout the year.

A welcome call, six month check in, an annual membership event and a renewal point would give us campaign elements related to new members, existing members and to something physical. It would also provide a point at which our proactive approach shifts to a reactive response. By then overlaying the membership segments on this framework, we can plan campaigns whilst keeping renewal as the final focus.

In this example, the first campaign is targeted at new joiners. The six month check in however could also be extended to both engaged and disengaged members. At the annual event we have an opportunity to understand how engaged the new and existing member might be which then informs the choice of reactive campaign at the renewal point.

Within each of these campaigns we ask the same four questions to ensure we are designing and reviewing them through the lens of retention.

• What is the segment?
• How are we targeting the members within it?
• How will we measure success at macro and member level?
• Does the member need an immediate follow up or do they move to the next campaign?

This gives us the opportunity to consider how we are structuring our year in marketing,
operations, call centre activity and so on. We have the best chance of understanding when members are responding the way we want them to, when they are not, and how we should react to correct this.

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