Journeys for member success – PART 2: optimising the join journey


Journeys for member success – PART 2: optimising the join journey

How to create unforgettable member journeys (and avoid forgettable ones) – PART 2: optimising the join journey.

If you read part 1 of our three-part member journeys series, then you’ll know that when it comes to joining a membership organisation, first impressions count.

So, once you’ve managed to secure a member, you can relax, right? Wrong.

Getting someone to become a new member is only the beginning. The next step is to optimise your members’ join journey. And even then, this process of optimisation isn’t something that’s only reserved for the early days. Good membership organisations will aim to optimise their members’ experience wherever they are on the journey.

But for now, let’s look at how to optimise onboarding for members.

1. A personal approach

Now that you have a new member, why not send them personalised messages outlining what they can expect from their membership – and your organisation. Whilst new members will, by now, have a rough idea of what they’ll get in return for their membership subscription fees, why not spell out exactly the benefits they will now receive. Whether it’s networking opportunities, discounts, access to events or all of the above, the best time to engage with a new member is when they’re … well, new. With CRM software such as that developed by Millertech, this is easy to achieve. 

2. Start with a story

Have you ever purchased something – whether it’s a product or a subscription – and straight away thought, ‘I didn’t really need that’. Sure you have. We all have. And, as good as your membership offering is, it may also be a source of buyers’ remorse for some people, too. So, provide every opportunity you can to positively reinforce their decision, and don’t give them any opportunity to regret it. A good way of doing this is drawing on your bank of case studies that outline how your existing members’ lives changed for the better when they joined your organisation. You’ll undoubtedly have countless examples to use. The biggest challenge is likely to be narrowing down the best.

3. Hit the ground running

When it comes to enthusing new members about the opportunities that await them, there’s no time like the present. Consider using this window to offer new member incentives such as exclusive access to events and free resources. Or, if you really want to welcome them to your organisation, think about inviting new members to join a welcome webinar – or an alternative virtual event – so that they can begin networking immediately. 

4. Communicate (don’t procrastinate)

There’s nothing worse than joining an organisation or club only to be met with stony silence for days or weeks after signing up. It doesn’t bode well and leaves a bad taste from the get-go. These days, via CRM systems, there really isn’t any excuse for letting this happen. Milltertech’s CRM software provides integration with various email marketing systems that lets you send multiple personalised messages at scale in addition to a variety of other channels. So, even if 10,000 members suddenly signed up, you’d be able to easily and effectively communicate with them. Nobody likes to be left hanging, so don’t put off communicating with your members. Strike while the iron’s hot.

5. Use your biggest asset …

… which is undoubtedly your membership. Why not encourage your existing members to reach out to the new starters and offer their own personal welcome. Not only will this make them feel part of the community, but it will also allow them to ask longstanding members about their own journey and how they maximised their membership.

Keep the kettle boiling

Momentum plays a big part in ensuring that the early days of a member’s join journey is a success.

In years gone by, managing this may have been admin-heavy, expensive and arduous. Not anymore. CRM platforms enable you to do all this with ease.

In part 3, our final instalment, we’ll be exploring how to evaluate your join journey.

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