Five member engagement tips for trade unions

member engagement tips
member engagement tips

Five member engagement tips for trade unions

Millertech began working with trade unions more than 35 years ago and has a deep understanding of their member engagement tips for their purpose and function.

These organisations exist to rally the collective power of large groups and so engaging members is crucial to advancing the movement and affecting positive change. Due to their broad reach and democratic remit however, trade unions also face many additional complexities.

The implementation of a member management system that is specifically designed for this sector can make all the difference in addressing these challenges. With this in place, there are five important areas in which to focus. Having said that, here are 5 member engagement tips for you:

1. Make joining simple

The first area to get right is to clearly state the movement’s objectives and simplify the joining process. Place all the necessary information needed by prospective members in one place and automate the sign-up and subscription procedures to eliminate friction. Follow up with automated confirmations and membership materials to ensure a perfect first impression.

2. Support union reps

Consider a separate engagement strategy specifically to support union reps. These people represent employees at the local level and are crucial in both the movements success and in attracting more members to join. Ensure they have simple, direct access to all the tools and support they need.

3. Automate where possible

Use technology to reduce manual processing within the organisation and free up resources to work on driving member value. Without this, the operational management of unions can be extremely complex due to unique challenges such as committee structures, multiple access levels and balloting.

4. Optimise the user experience

Apply the same technology to ensure a streamline experience from the member’s perspective. Processes such as subscriptions, voting, online purchases and event sign-up can be arduous for users. A properly connected, mobile-friendly, self-serve environment will make it easy for union members to manage their complete membership and encourage them to engage further.

5. Use data strategically

Leverage intelligent metrics such as density mapping to optimise engagement strategies. Modern systems can analyse how many members exist in a particular region or employer and can report the ways in which they do or do not currently engage. Using this data to tailor services and provide more value can be transformational.

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