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NASUWT The Teachers’ Union

Client updates

NASUWT The Teachers’ Union

The NASUWT is the largest teachers’ union in the UK. It provides first-class legal and professional services through a high quality network of school based representatives, regional and national officers and staff.

The NASUWT is a campaigning union led by practising teachers and believes that the best way to deal with issues affecting teachers is by members getting involved in union policy. NASUWT, the Teachers’ Union, provides unrivalled protection, benefits and support for teachers, from professional advice and legal support to High Street discounts and free training.

By ‘putting teachers first’, the NASUWT works to enhance the status of the teaching profession to deliver real improvements to teachers’ working lives, seeking to ensure they are recognised and rewarded as highly skilled professionals with working conditions that enable them to focus on their core role of teaching.

Needs and Challenges

NASUWT’s Head of Membership said “communicating with our members, raising awareness of our activities, the products and services that we can offer is an important element in achieving our goal of member retention. ”Because the system consists of one central datahub, keeping records up to date in real time provides data accuracy.”

The use of Millertech in-house and portal solutions enables staff, officers, activists and members to keep records up to date in real time. This immediate updating of records gives the Union real benefits when interacting with its members. The use of these system allows the Union to organise its annual conference effectively. After login via the Union website, all NASUWT conference delegates can check that their personal details are correct and proceed to register online. Delegates can book places at meetings, record any special dietary or other disability needs and even book places in the creche for their children. Millertech’s solution for the Union has eliminated a laborious paper trail and helped to ensure that registrations are completed efficiently and prior to the conference beginning.

Because the solution is integrated with the Union website, members can access information about their branch, book places on training courses and order NASUWT publications. Millertech have also  allowed members to join online. The majority of members, particularly student members, now join the Union using this facility which also offers a paperless direct debits. In addition, Millertech have integrated features that check postcodes, validate bank account details and BACS for processing and managing our Direct debits.”

Communicating with our members, raising awareness of our activities, the products and services that we can offer is an important element in achieving member retention.”

Head of Membership, NASUWT


The NASUWT has worked with Millertech for over fifteen years due to their extensive experience in working with trade unions. Millertech’s solution has been rolled out to all regional offices,  Head Office, and is now the core administrative tool of the Union. The two key reasons this relationship has been developed is due to:

  • Their responsiveness to our requirements as they change to meet changes in the real world
  • The data integrity afforded by the Millertech solution which ensures resilience and flexibility of data

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