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National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers

National Union of Rail
National Union of Rail
Client updates

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers

The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) is a progressive, democratic and highly professional trade union, a fast growing union with more than 83,000 members.

These come from almost every sector of the transport industry including the mainline and underground railways, shipping and offshore, buses and road freight. Protecting and bettering their members’ pay and conditions is the key RMT objective.

The RMT negotiate with over 150 transport-sector companies – using every opportunity to drive home their positive agenda for better pay, shorter hours and safer working conditions. RMT members can rely on their union to protect and promote their interests in the workplace.

Millertech’s Solution

Prior to implementing Merlin, the RMT had been running Millertech’s Sodalitas CRM for over 13 years. Previous to this, the RMT found they had many different legacy systems serving their members’ existing requirements and identified an urgent need to significantly enhance the quality of communication and services provided. Sodalitas CRM was implemented by Millertech to provide RMT a single view of their member data and record all member interactions.

Head of Membership RMT said “communicating with our members – raising awareness of our activities, the products and services that we can offer to them – is the key to achieving our member retention objective. We needed a single database that would enable us to identify member’s interests and target products and services at the right members. Not only is this cost efficient but it also supports our ambitions to improve our ‘member-experience’ through, for example, developing communities of interest on the RMT Website or targeted topic-based e-mails and events.


It was based on the successful implementation and excellent relationship that RMT decided to upgrade to Merlin CRM. Additionally, RMT felt Millertech’s extensive experience in the NFP Sector and working on large scale implementations was critical to investing in the upgrade to Merlin.

Millertech provided us with a system configured to meet our exact business needs. I would recommend them for a very successful implementation process. Overall we could not ask for better people to work with.”

Pete Waters, RMT

Merlin provided the National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport workers (RMT) with a clear upgrade path that enables them have a web based digital solution, whilst also retaining the key functionality of member management, subscriptions (direct debits, paybill), communications management, credit union, elections and ballots management, training and education.

Additionally, Millertech’s Member and Branch portal and Online Joining applications formed part of the upgrade.

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