Organisational Transformation for Membership Organisations – 5 Tips

Organisational Transformation
Organisational Transformation

Organisational Transformation for Membership Organisations – 5 Tips

1. Review the organisation’s purpose and vision

Almost every website has an ‘about us’ page that attempts to explain this, and it’s essential that any organisational transformation project is truly aligned with these objectives.

2. Review the current value proposition

This is best conducted as a brainstorming exercise to list all of the reasons people interact with your membership organisation. It should include a review of existing products and services as well as other less tangible concepts such as community and networking.

3. Obtain open and honest member feedback

Test your assumptions by understanding whether current and prospective members see your value proposition in the same way. Do they truly need and value all of the benefits within your subscription?

4. Refine and update the offering

Use this feedback to refine your value proposition. Adjust, re-frame or remove every component that fails to deliver tangible benefits so that your proposition precisely aligns with member needs.

5. Review existing processes

Focus attention on internal organisational transformation processes currently in place to support the value proposition. If member feedback has modified your understanding of this proposition, identify which processes, technologies and organisational elements need to also change to service it. Within this stage, particular emphasis needs to be placed on recognising waste work. All resources engaged in providing under-valued services might be better investing in improving the quality of services that are highly valued. Take aggressive steps to eradicate this waste.

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