What questions should we ask of our technology when embarking on a data project?

In the non-profit or trade union sector, digital transformation projects can often be complex. The work being done by these organisations is extremely important to their members and requires a unique set of digital tools to accomplish. With regional geography, event registrations, balloting and subscriptions to manage, there are a multitude of areas that demand attention.

The first three things to get right when undertaking any CRM implementation or digital transformation project

For modern membership organisations, the CRM system is at the heart of their operations. It facilitates more effective user journeys, drives member engagement and provides the necessary data analytics and insight to intelligently steer business strategy. These systems also automate an extensive list of manual tasks without which, the organisation would be unable to operate.

The four challenges that a great CRM should be solving for you.

For most NFP and membership organisations, the importance of a good customer or contact relationship management (CRM) system are obvious. They understand that this system underpins all the work they do and that operating at scale would be impossible without it. And as every organisation grows, there is a point at which they decide to cease managing everything manually and switch to an automated system. But how do we know when that point is reached? And what should a great CRM be doing for us that a poor or average product is not?