How the right technology can simplify the running of membership events

Devising and delivering events is one of the most important activities for any membership organisation. In addition to being an invaluable source of revenue, events also create a touchpoint where the organisation is brought closer to its members, and can directly demonstrate the value that membership provides.

The benefits of an embedded payment gateway for membership organisations

Every website exists to build brand awareness, educate potential customers or members, and to explain the organisation’s personality and product range. The best websites also have a second, more complex function. They convert this engagement into transactions that generate revenue.

What questions should we ask of our technology when embarking on a data project?

In the non-profit or trade union sector, digital transformation projects can often be complex. The work being done by these organisations is extremely important to their members and requires a unique set of digital tools to accomplish. With regional geography, event registrations, balloting and subscriptions to manage, there are a multitude of areas that demand attention.